IT Project Rescue

Rapid-response problem solving and resolution.

IT Assist’s Project Rescue service provides rapid-response problem solving and resolution to projects that are stalled, delayed or have been affected by unforseen risk or change in requirements.

IT Assist provides additional project support that can take the strain away from internal project teams and help add a new perspective on problem resolution.

Many clients encounter unexpected difficulties and delays in IT Projects. Such problems can arise due to gaps in the technical skill sets available, unexpected technical difficulties during the implementation phase, problems during integration with external systems or insufficient resources.

IT Assist focuses on working with project teams to get projects back on track. We employ a range of approaches to assist project completion, such as:

-          Supporting Project Management

-          Development Support

-          Re-prioritising requirements and delivery schedules

-          Production rollout and execution

-          Infrastructure and Network Analysis

-          User Acceptance Testing and Project Closure