Cloud Computing

Move towards cloud technology to suit your strategy

Over the past few years Cloud Computing has gained significant momentum in business practice. Businesses adopting these technologies early have proven the impacts of cloud technology and improved their competitive advantage.

Introducing CloudREADY!

To help business benefit from cloud computing IT Assist has developed the CloudREADY! method. CloudREADY! is a best practice methodology and SMART approach for Reducing Project Risk and Increasing Management and User Confidence.

The CloudREADY! process helps business to identify opportunities of implementing cloud solutions through a set of guidlines that emphasises transparency, flexibility and design excellence.

Unique Focus

More than just helping organisations be more efficient. We provide focus on:

  • Proactive Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Risk Management at all levels
  • Helping customers select the right vendors
  • Adding value at each stage of the journey

Gain the confidence you need by partnering with IT Assist for evaluating and choosing the right cloud computing solutions.